Save $200 by enrolling by December 31, 2016. A one time fee of $1,295 entitles you to access The HMDA Academy through June 2019.



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The HMDA Academy is a unique combination of consulting, training and support.

Features of The HMDA Academy


A variety of webinars are presented starting with foundational information such as the definition of dwelling, on to complex topics such as multipurpose loans, multipurpose properties, automated underwriting systems, and more. Webinars are recorded and available for viewing at any time. There are 5 webinars available as of 11/14/2016 with another scheduled for December 2016!

Questions Answered

Post your questions in The HMDA Academy and receive specific answers. Questions can be on revised or current rules.  We work to get you the answers that you need.

Charts and Tools

Complex rules are broken out in easy to understand charts that can be used to develop your own training materials.

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What is changing in HMDA?

The revised HMDA rules going into effect 1/1/2018 add new levels of complexity to the important regulation. The revised LAR will have 110 fields, increased from 39.

  • A complicated calculation to create "check digits" for the application number, now called the Uniform Loan Identifier.
  • Complex definitions that borrow from TRID.
  • Changes to the definition of dwelling including major changes to agricultural properties.
  • New institution coverage rules with a new “loan volume” test that could give some small lenders an exemption (but it is tricky).
  • New expanded loan coverage rules - different rules for consumer and business purpose loans - one more reason to learn how to determine business purpose loans!
  • Open end credit, including HELOCs and business open end lines of credit will be mandatory reporting
  • New loan purpose categories
  • New applicant demographic information (and a new name for Government Monitoring Information) that includes up to 5 ethnicity and 5 race choices.
  • Changes to preapproval request reporting
  • Changes to occupancy reporting
  • Mandatory denial reason reporting for all creditors
  • Many new fields – age, credit score, property address, construction method of building, prepayment penalty information, debt to income, term of loan, months until first rate change, existence of balloon payment, interest only or negative amortization terms, property value, land or no land for manufactured homes

And the list goes on and on! Data integrity, staff training and accountability, detailed procedures and a complete understanding of the rules with a solid data testing and submission process will be more important than ever!

Customer Feedback

What HMDA Academy customers have to say about their experience!


​"I am very happy with the quality of the HMDA Academy and am very thankful that we have joined up. The quality of your program is impressive and the additional tools with the charts, etc. are a huge benefit. This will save us much heavy lifting on that aspect so that we can more efficiently learn about the new rules and allow more time to focus on the preparations for implementation since this foundational work has been done so effectively for us."


"The money spent to join the Academy was certainly money very well spent! I just wanted you to know how appreciative we are of the information available and let you know you are providing excellent information to us!!"


"​Anyone who deals with HMDA needs to know how great this product is!"


Save $200 by enrolling by December 31, 2016. A one time fee of $1,295 entitles you to access to The HMDA Academy through June 2019.