Key Compliance Services

Develop your expertise in HMDA & CRA


Training combined with coaching


Consulting in CRA and HMDA




Key Compliance offers various training and consulting options

HMDA Training & Consulting

The HMDA Academy combines ongoing training webinars that are recorded and always availble with tools and ongoing consulting via personalized responses to posted questions.

On Demand Courses

Individual access to recorded with webinars combined with the ability to post questions.

Custom Training

We will custom design and present training on specific topics. Contact us to discuss your needs.


CRA, HMDA and Fair Lending Analysis

Key Compliance can assist with CRA, HMDA and Fair Lending analysis. Understanding your institution's loan performance is key to successful CRA and Fair Lending examinations.

CRA Performance Context

We can assist in preparation of your CRA performance context as part of your examination preparation and program development.

Custom Maps & Geocoding

Key Compliance creates customized maps of assessment or market areas for public files and other uses.  Maps of loan and deposit dispersion are also available. We can also help with batch geocoding.