HMDA Academy Annual Enrollment
$600 for 12 months

The HMDA Academy goes far beyond webinars and conferences. It is a personalized consulting and training resource to ease the burden of understanding and implementing HMDA compliance.  Great for new as well as experienced staff.

The HMDA Academy includes:

  • Personalized Consulting: Get your questions answered in the private forum. If you have a complex issue, we can schedule a call to work out the specifics and help you get to the correct answer.
  • Charts: member institutions have access to many charts that break the rule down into plain English and can be used in their  own training materials.
  • Lessons: Short (up to 1 hour) topical lessons so that you can learn about a single topic without wading through a webinar.
  • Webinars (Longer recordings): All webinars are always available during the time of the financial institution's enrollment.
  • Business Purpose Loans: Complete understanding of commercial lending - our focus is not just on consumer purpose loans!
  • Staff Access: Training lessons and materials can be shared with all staff of the enrolled financial institution (bank, credit union, non-depository mortgage lender.



Customer Feedback

What HMDA Academy customers have to say about their experience!

HMDA Academy documents distill protracted regulatory language into straightforward concepts and easy to follow charts. Kathleen Blanchard is one of the foremost authorities on HMDA. Her experience, knowledge and connections to regulators, vendors and industry professionals supports a proactive rather than reactive approach to HMDA compliance.

The HMDA Academy is the #1 Lifeline in the world of HMDA Compliance. It provides the ability to research the most up to date regulatory information in addition to being able to post specific questions to the discussion board. Kathleen and her team provide quick responses to all questions posted. This is a must have for anyone new to HMDA.

The HMDA Academy Forum has been a great investment to our bank and Kathleenā€™s vast knowledge and willingness to help is priceless!

Learn On Your Schedule

Recorded Training

There are many recorded training sessions, including:

Applications - Reg B and HMDA

Conditional Approvals

Demographic Information

Mixed Use Properties

Partial Exemptions

Agricultural Exclusion

and others, plus more are added frequently.

Questions Answered

Post your questions in The HMDA Academy private searchable forum and receive personalized detailed answers. Questions can be on revised or current rules.  We work to get you the answers that you need. Any question, no matter how complex.

Charts and Tools

Complex rules are broken out in easy to understand charts that can be used to develop your own training materials.

HMDA Academy Is Your One Stop HMDA Consulting and Training Resource

 A unique combination of training, tools and support.


Gain confidence in HMDA compliance