The HMDA Academy Provides tools, consulting and training to support your HMDA implementation efforts.

Sure, you can get training from a variety of webinar sources and conferences and piece all of the information together. Or you can enroll in The HMDA Academy and get ongoing help in understanding and implementing the revised HMDA rule (and working with the current rule).

The HMDA Academy goes far beyond webinars and conferences. It is a personalized consulting and training resource to ease the burden of understanding and implementing the revised rule and even the current rule.

The HMDA Academy includes:

  • Personalized Consulting: Get your questions answered in the private forum. If you have a complex issue, we can schedule a call to work out the specifics and help you get to the correct answer.
  • Charts: member institutions have access to many charts that break the rule down into plain English and can be used in their  own training materials.
  • Lessons: Short topical lessons so that you can learns about a single topic without wading through a webinar.
  • Webinars: All webinars are always available during the time of the financial institution's enrollment.
  • Business Purpose Loans: Complete understanding of commercial lending - our focus is not just on consumer purpose loans!


Your One Stop HMDA Consulting and Training Resource

 A unique combination of training, tools and support


Save months of time preparing charts and training slides - Join The HMDA Academy and use our materials!

$800 FOR 1 YEAR
$1,495 2 YEAR

Tour of HMDA Academy

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Sample Lesson

The HMDA Academy includes short lessons on individual topics as part of your training.


Customer Feedback

What HMDA Academy customers have to say about their experience!

With the upcoming HMDA revisions, our bank was in search of additional resources that could assist us in the transitioning process. Kathleen was referred to us by another bank who spoke very highly of her and the services she provides. Based upon this recommendation and our own research, we decided to establish a relationship with Kathleen. We have been extremely satisfied with the personal service Kathleen has provided regarding HMDA and CRA.

"The money spent to join the Academy was certainly money very well spent! I just wanted you to know how appreciative we are of the information available and let you know you are providing excellent information to us!!"

The HMDA Academy is a highly used tool. The information is delivered in non- regulatory terms, summarized and her added tools and charts make this our main go-to source for the upcoming HMDA changes.

Features of The HMDA Academy

Lessons on Individual Topics Now Included

Learn What You Need Without a Webinar


Six recorded webinars have been presented and are available for viewing at any time, starting with foundational information such as the definition of dwelling, on to complex topics such as multipurpose loans, multipurpose properties, automated underwriting systems, and more. Webinars are recorded and available for viewing at any time.  More webinars coming in 2017.

Questions Answered

Post your questions in The HMDA Academy private searchable forum and receive personalized detailed answers. Questions can be on revised or current rules.  We work to get you the answers that you need. Any question, no matter how complex.

Charts and Tools

Complex rules are broken out in easy to understand charts that can be used to develop your own training materials.

Enroll in The HMDA Academy for 1 YEAR for $800 or 2 YEARS FOR $1,495!
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